Thursday, March 5, 2009

Awesome Movie!

A few months ago, Jeff and I decided that we would start a reward program with our boys. We set a goal with each one and when they work on that goal each day, they earn a "bead." When their bead jar is full, they get to go on a special date with mom and dad. Kevin has been working so hard and finally filled his jar. So last night it was his turn.

First we stopped at Burger King for dollar-menu-dinner and then we were off to the Lihue Bowling Lanes. It was an amazing game of bowling and no one bowled higher than a hundred (with bumpers.) It was so fun.

Then we decided that we (okay, I...) needed to see Inkheart. (It was the last night and I so wanted to see it in the theatre.) Can I just tell you that this is a FANTASTIC movie. It was suspenseful and exciting but there was no swearing (that I blatantly noticed) there was no sex, there was no gore or graphic violence! It was so great. Kevin said it was a little scary at the end but not too bad. I was so happy. But here is the big news... this is the first time ever that I can honestly say that I liked the movie better than the book. Can you believe it? It was a great flick! I have to say that it is very high on my list of favorite movies!

Oh yeah, and here is a picture of Naiya and Holly with the super cute mermaid onesie that I bought her. It has nothing to do with the movie but isn't she darling?

Monday, March 2, 2009

March Already?

First of all...

This is my birthday month so please feel free to tell me how much you love me. (I told my kids that they needed to tell me everyday.) Also, I gave myself a birthday pedicure and in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, I did a French manicure in greens. I must admit, it's pretty fabulous - sorry, no pictures today... you'll just have to imagine.

Second of all...

Whew. February was full of amazingly fun trips and visitors. My house is a disaster but I am hanging on surprisingly well. (Thank You Celexa!) Anyway, I hope to post some pics of my crazy month. If not, I want the world - well, at least my world - to know that I love my best friend so much and that it is super hard to be so far away especially when times aren't easy. Thank Heaven for the gift of prayer and fasting on the behalf of others. And... I love Jeff's sister super lots and it was so much fun to have her and her family here! I really do hope that some day we can live closer together so we can spend more time together (Hey Kirst, let's move to Silver City!)