Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Windshield Wipers

I have been thinking a lot about windshield wipers this week. It has been a VERY cold and rainy winter (sweatshirts every night and morning - it sucks) so I have seen a lot of my wipers over the las few months. They were very obnoxious. They would squeak if the window was even a little dry and there was always a stripe down the middle of the swipe. The back window had a rather wide line that was being missed. But I just ignored them and cringed everytime they made that awful sound. Then the back wiper up and fell off. I decided that it was definitely time to invest in a new one. At the store I decided to splurge and buy 3 new ones. I put them on and would you believe that the swipes, smears, lines and squeaks all disappeared?

It is amazing how clear my windshield is now.

It occurs to me that our spirits are like windshields. When our "wipers" are strong and well maintained, our vision is crystal clear. There are no swipes or smears and the squeak is completely forgotten.

So, how are your wipers?