Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Boyz are so noisy!

So right now I am trying to prepare my seminary lesson (because I took a nap instead of doing it this afternoon) and I am A-M-A-Z-E-D at how noisy my boys can be when I am trying to concentrate.

Monday, November 24, 2008

What a GREAT weekend...

I had a wonderful weekend and I just had to share!

First off, it was cold enought to wear jeans! Not exaggerating, it was the first time in Hawaii I have ever worn denim for a whole day. (I actually wore them for two days.)

Second, I got to see Twilight. I loved this movie! If you go with low expectations, I think you will like it too. It was cheezy and so cute. The best part was that every time Edward or Jacob came on screen, all the teenagers in the audience would scream. It was awesome! (Okay, I admit that a few of the giggles were mine but none of the screams.)My biggest complaint was the makeup, it was a little too much for me.

Third, BYU vs Utah Enough Said!

Last but not least, my beautiful new hula bag. Last Thursday at Enrichment Night, we played a game. We all brought something that represented ourselves. Then we took turns telling why this represented us. After that we drew a name and gave our gift to that person. (It was so fun to get to know everyone and to receive a cute gift.) Gail, a super-cute lady in our ward made this hula bag. I super-loved it! Anyway, Gail drew our Caryn's name and I was very jealous! Well, to my surprise and delight, Caryn brought me her hula bag on Sunday because she loves me! Hooray, now it is double special and
I SUPER-SUPER love it!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catching Up 2

We also had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor. My grandma was really too young to remember it but my Aunt Mary was in High School when it happened and she remembers not only that but when all the boys started to join the military afterward. Pearl Harbor is a very amazing and peaceful place.

Catching Up 1

So now that I am trying to catch up on my amazing life I will start with my amazing Mom and my amazing Grandma. In September, my mom brought her mom (and her mom's sister, Mary) to Hawaii. It was a neat experience because when my Grandma Inga (yes, I got my name from her) was young, her parents were on a church service mission. While they waited for their visas to come through so they could go to Australia, they were stationed in Laie to work on the Laie Temple Visitors Center and the Polynesian Cultural Center which is run by BYU-Hawaii. So I was the tour guide both on our island of Kauai and also on the island of Oahu.

These are some pictures I took of the Visitor's Center and the temple.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was an emotional wreck yesterday! I had to take Jackson in for a blood test (routine, no worries) in the morning. Since Jackson spent almost two weeks in Primary Children's at the tender age of four, he has developed a healthy distaste for needles. He pretty much regresses to that tender age of four whenever he sees one. It took me and 3 nurses to hold him down. When it was over, he was fine. I however, was not... I cried all day. I'm pretty sure that I was already emotional but it just got to me. Anyway, I feel much better now, thank you for asking. I hope you have a fantastic day!