Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kids say the darndest things...

So I have been gigging all day about something that Kevin and Jeffrey said last week. Kevin drew a picture of a saying that he learned at school. I asked him to tell me what the picture was about and he told me what it said. The poem is, “Boys take a shower to git mor power. And girls drink Pepsi to git mor secseey (sexy).” I asked Kevin what sexy means and he said that he didn’t know he just learned the poem at school. Meanwhile, Jeffrey was giggling his guts out and when I asked him if he knew what sexy means, he told me that he did but he couldn’t talk about it because, “it isn’t very reverent.” What sweet boys!

Every so often I look at my kids and I am amazed at how much they have grown and how quickly they are changing. I am so proud of the sweet and kind people they are turning out to be.